We make virtual reality.

Manic Machine is dedicated to exploring virtual reality as a new and distinct medium. Our debut release, Ludicrous Speed, explores new ways of handling agile, high-speed locomotion in an arcade-style experience. We're all about creating great experiences for players in VR that focus on game feel and physical engagement.

In addition to our work on games and VR experiences, Manic Machine works with partners in the visual effects and film industries to develop real-time rendering, virtual production, and real-time animation solutions.

We love what we do.


Manic Machine in the Press

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Infinite running in VR!


Run, jump and wall-grind through an infinitely-generated track in VR! Dodge hazards and collect rings using intuitive natural physical movements, surrounded by a surreal pulsating neon world that reacts to whatever music you're listening to! (You can groove out to the in-game music or play your own from any other music source on your PC and the environment responds.)

Ludicrous Speed is an arcade-style infinite runner that employs a dynamic physical movement system along with parallel trackpad or thumbstick-based controls, allowing you to discover your own natural style of moving and propel yourself through its infinitely-generated track - collecting rings, dodging hazards, and setting new records.


  • Hypnotic infinite running with smooth and precise locomotion using natural skate movements or the trackpad. Run, jump, wall-grind, and wall-jump, while collecting the golden rings and avoiding hazards.

  • The environment reacts to your music. Put on any music you love, from any local source on your PC, and the world responds, or run to the music built-into the game.

  • Never stop running. If you lose all of your lives, the track seamlessly flows into your next run. Watch your high score climb as you get in the groove and get in shape.

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(A quick disclaimer: This game contains fast movement, is challenging, and tuned for maximum responsiveness. We've put in a whole lot of effort to craft an experience that provides tremendous agility and dynamic movement in VR without causing discomfort, but different people respond in different ways. if you're prone to motion sickness, or prefer teleportation movement in VR, then this may not be a perfect fit for you. We do ask that you proceed with caution.)